Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Messmate, The ultimate recycled timber

Messmate timber pretty much fell into my laps by chance, buying a pack lot of Tasmaian Oak the timber suplier had found a buried pack of Messmate that nobody new how long it had been hidden there, i was offered it at a great price and the moment i opened the pack......I was in love.

Messmate Timber grows in the cooler southern states of Australia and has a pretty gnarly life of bush fires and freezing conditions. All of this is shown in the texture and tone of the timber. Messmate requires alot of work to get it to a high standard of finish it requires massive amounts of filling with epoxy, dealing with problem areas of lifting grain. Once all these have been dealt with all that you are left with is timber that looks like timber. Flowing sap lines point to how trees feed themselves, amazingly defined growth rings show the yearly hardship these trees have to get to the 100m's in height, varaiance in tones from rich chocolate to more pale watered down chockolate milk.

When you get a piece made by us you get the real deal, furniture made to order and be functional, super hard wearing, but using timber that will hold its colour and not fade and the most important feature is that it looks like timber.

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