Thursday, 27 September 2012

This Tv cabinet is constructed out of a frame of 35mm thick Tasmanian oak. The draw front panels are made of feature grade messmate. The frame has been made with external box joins on each end really showing a contrast between face grain and end grain as each reflects light differently and generally end grain will always look darker as it absorbs alot more oil. The draw fronts were cut from the same piece of messmate, the grain pattern continues from one piece to the other creating a lovely balance. There are no draw handles as i find these  create to much clutter on pieces, if i want a piece to look busy or more striking i prefer to choose a piece of timber which will do this not by adding hardware. To operate the draws you simply push in 10mm and they pop out 60mm.

This coffee table is part of a matching pair with the previous table. The top is 30mm thick and the legs are square 40mm x 40mm. finish is oil wax combinations which gives the piece its organic feel with no plastic look that a varnish can give.

40mm thick messmate dining table

This stunning dining table is constructed from 40mm thick recycled Messmate for the table top and 50mm thick legs.
The top pieces are subtle and not overly busy with all pieces blending in together nicely.
The legs have been joined with 45degree mitres giving the table a more refined feel. Old holes and sap pockets have either been filled with timber plugs or pale epoxy resin. The finish is a danish oil which has been hard burnished to provide a hard lasting finish and then 3 layers of beeswax to really give depth to the overall patina of the timber. 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Exposed leg messmate dining table custom designed and hand made in Torquay

The beautiful results of a photoshoot at Point Impossible on the Victorian Surfcoast.  The timber was specifically chosen for this Messmate table because of its striking features with lots of saplines, fiddleback and birds eye's. The chunky exposed legs create a great visual balance combining classic and modern together in a piece that will be 'in style' for decades to come.

Our new workshop in the rolling hills of Torquay!

After the 'big' move from Melbourne to the Surfcoast, we are very excited to finally be in the last stages of building a workshop at the Ashmore Arts Precinct, 55 Ashmore Rd in Torquay.  We would love to have visitors but by appointment only please!   Other than just a much improved view, the new workshop means Luke is able to work on many more pieces at the one time. And to Lukes great joy, it also means much more available space for new 'toys'.  When he is not in the workshop,  Luke is doing some heavy duty 'research' into the latest and greatest tools much to his wifes (ie my) dismay!